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Cosmic Visions Tarot Deck

Cosmic Visions Tarot Deck

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Made by amazing Australian Indie Artist Jessica Shackleton 

I have loved her artwork for a while.

Check out the video and pictures. It is a complete deck with it case and booklet.  

  • 79 hand illustrated cards based off the Traditional Tarot including 1 bonus card

  • Standard Tarot size - 7 x 12cm (2.75 x 4.75 inches)

  • 100 page (7 x 12cm) perfect bound guidebook

  • matte soft touch card stock

  • Sturdy custom matte finish rigid box with lid and bottom

Things about Tarot :

  1. you don’t need to get your first deck gifted 
  2. it’s ok if you have no idea - if you are called or it you are 
  3. I used mine at first for journaling while learning

🔮As a preorder It may take time to receive - pending the creators response for now it can take until September or later per the artist.🔮

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