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Surrender Mini Retreat

Surrender Mini Retreat

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Welcome to SURRENDER

Join me on Dec 28th virtually from 12-3 PM EST.

A spiritual writing workshop with a guided meditation, writing prompt and sharing, crystal conversations around those who support reconnecting to your inner child. 

I legit got this as a download yall. I’ve been working on facilities written workshops and holding sacred space in separate ways. Now I am bringing it all together.

To be able to have the ancestral nudge & audacity to create a place with safe space and writing come together for healing are my passion. I am excited & honored for this offering

I started Astrolyszics knowing I want to everyone who passes through find healing holistically. An offering for returning to your inner child and gift yourself and/or others time and gentle safe space to remember your own magic.

All folx welcome however all my work is Black and Brown folx focused and prioritized. I am very serious and sincere about my communities healing and need for safe space. Ain’t no privilege going unchecked and if it is I ask to be told immediately.

For anyone struggling with pricing please contact me directly. I want those called to attend to really do so. 

Joining information will be provided about a week ahead and the day before.




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