The Year of 8 — Lo Que Se Hace Aqui Se Paga

The Year of 8 — Lo Que Se Hace Aqui Se Paga

I barely called her Wela. To be honest she was/is Mami Tomasa and across our generations I have heard it.

Lo que se hace aquí se paga.

Sometimes it feels like it takes too long to be true. Many times it feels people live too long a mfkin life to feel vindicated on the horrors they have caused and benefitted from.


Numerology states this is an 8 year. The Astrologers are equating with a Saturn year & Tarot readers the strength card.

Let’s discuss the number 8 which can look like an infinity sign or even more so in my mind is the Ouroboros — tiny bit more on the lore (I find it interesting it was published very recently)


The snake that eats its own tail. Or tale. English is weird like this. The lies and the truths will be clear to those who know them and choose to see them. The liars may get too caught up that they may forget how they even find the truth.


To me the Ouroboros energy when it comes to this year is two fold. It can represent the shedding of a skin that cannot withhold the grandeur within its own kind of rebirth but there is also the one that bites his own tongue. Gorges on his own lies. His it what comes out for me vs it or they. A few of my decks reflect the Ouroboros as the wheel of fortune. Which leads me to a second proverb and song lyric.

La Vida es como una tombola que da vueltas. - Mami Tomasa

The Wheel of fortune states as above so below. Or more practically goes around comes around. Let’s now include Saturn in this mix.

Saturn is karma. Neither positive nor negative it is all in perspective. It is very much the energy of Lo que se hace aquí se paga. For anyone who’s 27+ life gets hella serious and for many of us difficult. That is our Saturn return. We get asked — now that you’ve lived this much of your life what is not working that you may be aware or unaware of and hesitant or too scared/stubborn to change it?

Will you change it or do we gotta do this the hard whirlwind kinda way?

You are more capable than you can even imagine. If anyone has ever felt powerless may they realize how powerful they truly are. Especially in this faces of injustice, adversity, and oppression.

Have Strength friends — be mindful of your intentions as they are loud and clear this year. Based on the tarot card — it shows a woman who has perhaps domesticated the Lion but what if that figure didn’t dominate — maybe they recognized the wildness between the two and reached an understanding of what it takes to rule the jungle? There is a gentle strategic energy to a Lion that we often overlook. Prowess is possible in observation and intentional action.

Abundance is possible but not in a get rich quick scheme kind of way but in a foundational, tilling the soil kind. For some they will receive their harvest for their hard work and for others foundations may be shaken.

I look forward to seeing this unfold on the world stage. I believe Saturn and I have a positive relationship. I am not afraid of the long game or hard lessons even if I am tired. I see the beauty of something that can go 

beyond the test of tangible time.

If it’s always been done that way—this year may be the year it isn’t. The old hasn’t always made space for the now nor the current. Some things need to crumble. And many need to pagar todo lo que han hecho. Ojalá que sea así.

May we all have the year we deserve which it is truly up to our actions to say so.


When you do clownery…those who know the rest can fill it out.


When you know better —DO better. If you didn’t then well — do better next time and accept/learn from the outcome.

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