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Tarot & Astrology Readings
Tarot & Astrology Readings
Tarot & Astrology Readings
Tarot & Astrology Readings

Tarot & Astrology Readings

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Each tarot session will consist of multiple decks that range from $30-120 each deck. Open to any folx from all walks of life. 

General Readings: can be a specific question or picking up on the energies for that would month/time period up to an hour. Present moment focused. We take an hour to fully Discuss a situation and provide possible steps.

Some examples are: Moving to a new space, energy for the month, feeling stuck, needing confirmation on something, 

In depth intuitive guidance about any situation or transition that you are in. 
Ex: Birthday or Solar Return readings, Business decisions, Going through an awakenings, starting spiritual journey. Long term guidance. 

  1. Advice and possible ritual suggestions
  2. Empowering guidance for you to find the power within yourself to overcome hardships with Spiritual clarity (does not replace therapy) — includes tarot,  action plan, intuitive messages, tools & recommendations 
  • Summary and/or pictures sent at the end 


Intuitive Natal Chart/Astrology readingTropical focused and pull whole signs — based on my studies and the energetic energies of the planets. This is a conversational and educational vibe. It can take hours to prepare ahead of time. 
Quick Astrology question: transit questions, what does a certain planet in a house mean, specific understanding questions. — sent via audio or video.

  1. Please send in notes : Date of Birth, Time of Birth, City, State or Country born. 

Disclaimer: I don’t give medical advice of any kind nor do I replace a professional in that area.

Additional tip is always welcome and ways will be included in your summary.


Via Virtual Meeting/Email you choose the method you, write in any of the notes, let me know.

If interested or have additional questions please contact me magic@astrolyszics.com or page messenger

Tarot & Astrology Readings
Tarot & Astrology Readings