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Mexican Agate Freeform

Mexican Agate Freeform

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Connect to the crown. 

White Agate is a powerful gemstone that can provide emotional stability, physical healing, and protection against negative energy. It is thought to have special spiritual qualities and is known to connect the user to the spiritual realms, deepening one's connection to the divine. Its connection power helps to open up the spiritual channels that take you beyond the physical realm and deep into the metaphysical. With this crystal, you can connect to the crown chakra, or the seventh chakra, to open up your innermost wisdom. White Agate is loaded with powerful properties that can improve your wellbeing. It can provide emotional stability, physical healing, and protective energy against negative vibes. It even provides a deeper spiritual connection, allowing you to open up the spiritual channels to access inner wisdom and the divine. These properties make White Agate perfect for opening up the crown chakra and unlocking your hidden potential.




Care information

To cleanse crystals cleanse under full moonlight, with selenite, or put in the freezer for a reset for most stones except selenite


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J said

"Ever since I got my stack I have been unstoppable. They have been life changing."

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