Solar Plexus & Leo Rulership

Solar Plexus & Leo Rulership

As winter is full force even in South Florida I have been indoors a lot. I have been craving oranges and citrus in general and I also realize that the stones that have been calling my attention has been orange calcite, yellow fluorite, citrine and the honey calcite.

Intuitively it sounds like I need sunlight and that affects our energy levels as well as our emotional space. Humans are like  and we need a little bit of everything to feel well.

Confidence exists in the solar plexus, so do our gut feelings or instincts, I’d also like to go as far to say our power center the pushes us forward.

Thinking about this, I realize that as a 12th house leo placement, I may need more sunlight than others, support from vitamin C, as well as surrounding myself with these crystals for me to have more energy and stronger immune system. The body always has a story to tell us and astrology, crystals help clarify and amplify the message. 

What is your 12th house placement and what planet rules it?

I think from there we can get information in regards to how to support our mental health the best. If you have no idea what I am talking about I offer astrology readings that can clarify this for you.

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