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K2 Palm stones

K2 Palm stones

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In this great future you can't forget your past." The warm and buttery lyrics of Bob Marley remind us that our ancestral heritage contains a treasure trove of wisdom.

Besides its extremely rare and distinctive aesthetic, the K2 crystal stone vibrates with a powerful energy, which makes it an excellent stone for healing. This combination crystal gets its celestial quality fromĀ AzuriteĀ and its grounding and stabilizing properties from Granite, giving you the benefits of a peaceful mind, the stepping-stone to spiritual enlightenment. If you seek universal truths, meditate with the K2 crystal and go deep. And by deep we mean as far back as past lives and ancestral lineage. Because itā€™s when the past and present merge that we begin to see the divine truth of the universe unfolding before our eyes.

- from Energy Muse


About 4 inches and 3 ish inches thick nearly 200 gramsĀ