Tarot Readings
Tarot Readings
Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

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  • Each tarot session will consist of multiple decks that range from $30-120 each
  • In depth intuitive guidance about any situation or transition that you are in. 
  • Advice and possible ritual suggestions
  • Empowering guidance for you to find the power within yourself to overcome hardships with Spiritual clarity (does not replace therapy)
  • Open to any folx from all walks of life 
  • Now sending - summary at the end 
  • Intuitive Birth chart reading — based on my studies and the energetic energies of the planets 

Disclaimer: I don’t give medical advice of any kind nor do I replace a professional in that area.

Additional tip is always welcome and ways will be included in your summary.


Via Virtual Meeting/Email you choose the method you, write in any of the notes, let me know.

If local I will provide location. South Fl.

If interested or have additional questions please contact me magic@astrolyszics.com or page messenger

Tarot Readings