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Carnelian Ring

Carnelian Ring

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Carnelian ring Carnelian hits the sacral and root chakra which lights a fire inside the low body and can help finishing your creative endeavors or igniting added passion, courage, and determination in your life. If you’ve been feeling low energy this is the one for you. It got me through this listing lol. Any stone that catches your attention is the one you need. Sometimes we choose but many times we are chosen by our own energetic needs. May this assist you in realigning your stamina and Bawse vibes. 

Adorn your finger with this captivating Carnelian ring, boasting a unique setting of gleaming sterling silver that will grace your look with a touch of undeniable elegance. Showcasing a vibrant and glossy semi-precious gemstone, this beautiful silvery piece of jewelry is sure to add a luxurious sparkle to any ensemble. 

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To cleanse crystals cleanse under full moonlight, with selenite, or put in the freezer for a reset for most stones except selenite


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J said

"Ever since I got my stack I have been unstoppable. They have been life changing."

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