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Crystal Bracelets

Crystal Bracelets

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Rose Quartz - intuitive compassion, self love, and spiritual higher self nurturing 

Pietersite -  it works to activate and balance the Third-Eye and Solar-Plexus Chakras, and is known as the stone that holds "the keys to heaven". This chatoyant stone is very popular with healers for its ability to stimulate the Pineal gland, thus enhancing one's intuition and insight.

Chakra - mixed with all gemstones so you can align all of thy chakras. I almost kept this one. Fits up to 7.5 inches comfortable. 

Fire Quartz - grounding(great with anxiety), protection, & absorbing others ppl vibes keeping you at your own frequency 

Caribbean Calcite - This stone elevate the third eye and psychic. Overall it’s a very calming and tapping into your inner self Stone.  Some resources say it is great to increase empathic vibes and astral travel.

Lapis Lazuli — say it with your chest energy 

Citrine — Abundance and self confidence 

Tiger’s Eye - fortune, success, grounding, self confidence 

Carnelian - make it happen energy ! Passion, Creativity, thinks Kelly Rowland Motivation

Selenite - cleanses energy and auras 


Ruby Zoisite  




Care information

To cleanse crystals cleanse under full moonlight, with selenite, or put in the freezer for a reset for most stones except selenite


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