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At Astrolyszics, we understand the profound impact that intentionally selected crystals can have on our lives. That's why we have handpicked every gemstone in our collection with utmost care, ensuring that each one radiates its unique energy and resonates with your deepest desires.

Ignite Your Spirit with Exquisite Crystals: Explore Astrolyszics' Handpicked Collection for Soulful Transformation

A spiritual guidance one stop shop for crystals, incense, ritual & wellness tools, and intuitive astrology, tarot, & crystal readings.

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  • Spheres

    Spheres can apply energy all around due to its shape if you’re looking to fill up a space with a specific vibe, these are for you.

  • Towers & Points

    Towers provide a focused, rooted energy, if you’re looking to feel specificity and concentrated powerful energy I recommend this shape.

    Towers & Points 
  • Tarot

    You’ll find all things tarot here.

    • Indie Decks
    • Pouches
    • Oracle Decks & more

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Our crystals are more than just beautiful adornments; they are catalysts for transformation. Harness their mystical properties to awaken your inner power, align your energy centers, and manifest your intentions with unwavering clarity. Let Astrolyszics guide you on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Don’t know where to begin?

Allow me to be your guide! We have a crystal starter kit or book a Crystal Reading for an intuitively personalized collection to support your journey. Learn more or contact us magic@astrolyszics.com

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