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Dream Amethyst DT

Dream Amethyst DT

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Chevron Amethyst or Dream Amethyst is a combination of White Quartz and Amethyst, mixed to form a banded V-pattern. It combines the super powerful properties of Amethyst and Quartz. A double terminated crystal provides a connecting bridge between two energy points, creating a flow of energy simultaneously.

This is one of the finest Third-Eye crystals, filtering the life force from the cosmos via the Crown in its white layers and opening up spiritual and psychic channels through the purple. Holding one in each hand will create a powerful flow of energy to dissipate and repel negativity and connect to your higher self.

Great for increasing your intuition and literal peace of mind as it helps with the third eye and crown chakra. Connect with your spiritual self and intuition with this excellent quality stone. Reducing anxiety and clouded thoughts. Perfect for rituals and meditation. 

These double points have major energy doubled with these double terminated ends.  

about 3 inches long 



Care information

To cleanse crystals cleanse under full moonlight, with selenite, or put in the freezer for a reset for most stones except selenite


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J said

"Ever since I got my stack I have been unstoppable. They have been life changing."

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